All-Star Ads: Secret Discount Code

All-Star Ads is a series of posts examining successful exit intent advertisements and why they’re so effective.


The interaction between a customer and an online retailer is like a conversation. This non-verbal communication can be deciphered by examining the customer’s behavior, the layout and strategies of the site, and how the retailer responds to the customer’s choices. Taking a look at your customer “conversations” can help you streamline your site and make more effective sales pitches.

So when you look at the customer-retailer relationship as a conversation, exit intent pop-ups are the equivalent of Steve Jobs’ famous strategy of introducing “one more thing” at the last second of his keynote presentations. Ideally, your site has put together a powerful presentation on the value of your products and how a purchase will improve the customer’s life. One of the most effective ways to seal the deal is with an exit intent overlay presenting the visitor with a secret discount code.

The key to this ad’s effectiveness is in delayed gratification. This exit overlay should only be triggered after the customer has spent a certain amount of time on the site (at least two minutes or more). At this point, the customer has likely considered the merits of several items and established interest in one or two products. In the world of online shopping, two minutes is a virtual eternity. (Consider the fact that the majority of visitors bounce from an online shop within seconds of arriving.)

After spending two minutes looking around a site, the customer has already made several key decisions about your offer:
– Do they like a product?
– Is it too expensive?
– Do they want to buy it now or hold out for a lower price?
– Is the product in stock?

All of these questions are answered almost within the blink of an eye, and with so many options for online shopping, it’s highly unlikely that the customer will come to an acceptable answer to every question and make a purchase. This is where the all-star ad comes in.

An ad introducing a secret discount code suddenly changes information the visitor previously thought was set in stone. The price of the item and its affordability has dropped and may now be in their price range. Rapid decision-making is triggered and the customer is now much more likely to complete a purchase.

One other aspect of this exit intent pop-up adds to its effectiveness. By promoting it as a “secret” discount code, the customer feels the added bonus of exclusivity – regardless of how common this offer is, the customer feels that they are receiving a unique opportunity.

All-Star Ads: Secret Discount Code

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