How to Make the Most Out of A/B Testing

AB Testing

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge on using Exit Intent technology, there is a litany of tools at your disposal to make the most out of your sales strategy. One of these powerful tools is A/B testing which can show you the relative effectiveness of your exit intent campaigns.

Here’s how it works:

  • Using an exit intent company like MaxTraffic (, you create two contrasting campaigns to increase conversions and sales.
  • With A/B testing, 50% of your visitors are shown one campaign while the other 50% are shown the second campaign.
  • Your exit intent solution tracks the conversion rates of both campaigns, giving you real data on the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Once your sample size is large enough to indicate a clear winner, you can then employ your effective ad with all visitors.

Effective marketing requires constant evaluation to determine if a new strategy will lead to more sales. With A/B testing, every new advertisement can be tested against your most effective current strategy. Why switch from an effective exit intent overlay when the new one isn’t as good?

Online retailers are always concerned about losing sales, and the prospect of a new campaign flopping can be enough to keep you from ever taking an advertising risk. Imagine that your marketing department has come up with a new campaign that is totally “outside the box.” You may be concerned about how it will play with actual customers, but your company isn’t nearly large enough to pay for things like focus groups and surveys. A/B testing is an effective, cost-efficient way to surpass customer surveys and get to the heart of the matter: sales. Use this strategy as much as you want; the more testing you do, the more efficient your campaigns will become.

How to Make the Most Out of A/B Testing

How Creating Your Own Ads Lets You Control Your Own Destiny

There are two types of exit-intent companies, differentiated by one big factor. The first type are full-service companies – for example, Bounce Exchange; these sites are often more expensive but create the campaign at every step along the way, from concept to design to implementation. The customer can be confident that the job will be done correctly.

On the other side are companies that offer custom campaign creation, for example: MaxTraffic. These sites give you access to a creation dashboard in which you can use existing templates or your own designs to make your own exit-intent overlays. Because this solution requires less time on the part of the exit-intent company, it’s often significantly cheaper.

Here are a few reasons why we feel custom campaign creation is the way to go:

You can upload work by your own graphic designer.

Many companies have invested thousands in professional graphic design help. With all of that money and energy going into your company’s image and brand, why would you then opt for another company entirely to design your exit-intent pop-ups? Go with what you know; custom campaign creation allows you to upload your own advertisements so that you can stick with your team.

No one knows your customers better than you.

No amount of research in the world will give an exit-intent company more insight into your customers than what you already know. You have likely already built an accurate profile of your visitors and know their backgrounds, likes, and dislikes. Armed with that information, you can create ads that are far more effective than anything offered by your exit-intent company. Plus, any company worth their wages will be willing to offer some constructive criticism at no extra charge.

You can change your campaigns at any time.

Once you’ve had a full-service company create your campaigns, there may be an additional charge if you find that your current advertisements are not as efficient as you’d hoped. With custom campaign creation, you can go back to the drawing board at any time with no additional charge. Interested businesses may want to try A/B testing which allows you to compare the relative success of two comparable campaigns. Custom campaign creation allows you to A/B test to your heart’s content, while a full-service company could be limiting based on the restrictions of its campaign creation.

How Creating Your Own Ads Lets You Control Your Own Destiny

All-Star Ads: Free Shipping Exit Overlay

All-Star Ads is a series of posts examining successful exit intent advertisements and why they’re so effective.

 Everyone loves getting something for free. For as long as there has been commerce, businesses have offered free giveaways as a means of enticing customers to make a purchase. Online shopping is no different, with every company under the sun offering some free product or service in exchange for a minimum purchase.

One of the critical aspects of online shopping that separates it from shopping in brick-and-mortar stores is the need for shipping; the product you order from Amazon, Etsy, or eBay is likely not in the same town as you and needs to be boxed up and shipped.

With this need for shipping comes a necessary cost; however, this is a prime opportunity to give the customer something for “free.” Of course, your company must weigh the costs and benefits of offering free shipping and adjust prices accordingly. But the psychological effects of free shipping might be worth it; a recent study indicates that free shipping is the top marketing tactic of online retailers.

The key to an all-star exit intent ad offering free shipping is to withhold the special offer until the last minute. Exit intent ads are designed to connect with visitors who are leaving the site; offering free shipping from the beginning takes away the opportunity to make a second proposal to the customer. Instead, give the customer a special code to enter in an exit pop-up. This strategy works on three levels:

  1. The customer is convinced that they are saving money.
  2. The customer is convinced that they are receiving a unique, special offer.
  3. The customer is tempted to consider more items.

If your business currently offers free shipping to customers, consider employing A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of an exit overlay offering free shipping versus a site that presents the offer from the first interaction. Results have proven time and again that exit intent ads increase overall sales; now it’s your turn to try them out!

All-Star Ads: Free Shipping Exit Overlay