Exit Intent Affiliate Programs: Extra Money for Your Small Business

For many online retailers, Exit Intent technology is a worthwhile expenditure because it pays off over time with improved conversion rates and increased sales. However, it can be a struggle for some small businesses to afford Exit Intent technology, as the services offered by different Exit Intent companies vary dramatically in price. (Comparison-shopping is important when searching for an Exit Intent provider. Take for example the difference in price between companies like BounceExchange and MaxTraffic: a difference of hundreds of dollars per month!)

There is hope for small businesses looking to use Exit Intent technology. Some Exit Intent companies are now offering Affiliate Programs to their clients, giving them the chance to recoup some of their expenses by convincing others to use the service.

Turn an Expense into a Profit

Affiliate programs have the potential to turn a monthly expense into a rapidly growing source of income for online retailers. With the tiered structure of affiliate compensation programs, your profit multiplies as more and more businesses take your recommendation.

How It Works

The first key, of course, is to find an Exit Intent company that offers an Affiliate Program as part of the package of services. As an example, we’ll take MaxTraffic; their program offers a lifetime commission of 25% for every sale that your company generates.

  • Imagine that your company signs up with MaxTraffic at their Standard level: monthly costs of 299EUR or 349USD.
  • Within a couple months of starting MaxTraffic, you’ve convinced two cooperating businesses to use the service as well: one at the Standard level and one at the Pro level (599EUR/699 USD).
  • Each month, 25% of their payment is deducted from your bill. After recruiting just two businesses, you’ve reduced your monthly payment by almost 225EUR.
  • After six months, you’ve sold five additional companies and individuals on MaxTraffic: one at the Basic level and four more at the Standard level. By this point you’re taking on commission fees from seven different subscriptions!
  • Your monthly commission after six months is over 550EUR, meaning that you’re actually turning a profit of 250EUR each month without lifting a finger. One full year at this rate will net your company a profit of 3,00EUR! Who can complain about that?

With many Affiliate Programs, like the one offered by MaxTraffic, your commission continues for the full lifetime of the deal. Even if a company you recommend uses MaxTraffic for ten years, you’ll receive 25% of the payment each and every month. Imagine your turnover after a few years of dedicated work recommending your Exit Intent provider.

Strategies for Success

Convincing other companies to jump on the Exit Intent bandwagon is easy when you use one of the following three sales strategies:

  1. Tout Your Sales Success: As you build your own Exit Intent overlays, you’ll soon have a database of statistics to show off your increased profits. Nothing speaks louder than profit in online retailing, and if you can show another company how well you’re doing because of Exit Intent pop-ups, it’ll only be a matter of moments before they ask how they can join.
  2. Connect Them With the Company: Even with your own personal experience, you can’t give a potential client as much information as the Exit Intent company can. Check with your Exit Intent provider to see if they’ll still honor the affiliate agreement if you pass along a lead that has further questions. Odds are, your provider will be happy to get the lead and will still reward you with the commission. Once you’ve passed the potential sale on to them, they’ll be in competent hands for the completion of the deal.
  3. Mention the Affiliate Program – Like we said, companies see things in terms of profit. Be sure to tell your potential sale about the Affiliate Program that you’re taking advantage of. When you show them how easy it is to make money through Exit Intent technology, they’ll be excited to get on board themselves and start turning extra profit.
Exit Intent Affiliate Programs: Extra Money for Your Small Business