100 Tools That Offer Exit Intent Technology

Exit Intent technology is sweeping across the world of e-commerce, as more and more companies turn to this amazing tool for increased conversion rates. As the demand for Exit Intent technology has increased, so too has the number of companies offering Exit Intent as one of their solutions.

We have compiled the most comprehensive list of Exit Intent providers. The list is divided into four categories, separated based on how Exit Intent is offered by the provider or incorporated into existing platforms. Within each category we have highlighted one or two companies as representative examples of the broader list. Each category list is also preceded by a description of the service itself, its advantages and disadvantages, and typical costs associated with the service.

Companies That Offer Full-Service Exit Intent Technology

Full-service: the Rolls Royce of Exit Intent technology. These companies will take care of every aspect of your Exit Intent campaigns from design to implementation to analysis. Dedicated support teams are available to answer questions during every step of the process. These companies sport impressive client lists; they offer Exit Intent solutions to some of the largest businesses in the world. However, their reputation is matched by high prices: full-service companies charge monthly fees of several thousand dollars.

Bounce Exchange is possibly the most well known Exit Intent company in the world. Their client list includes business titans like Microsoft, Ann Taylor, and Lufthansa; if they’re willing to trust Bounce Exchange, it must be a good service!

A dedicated team will design your Exit Intent pop-ups if you use Bounce Exchange

The costs are high, however. According to recent advertisements published by Bounce Exchange, their services start at $5,995 per month. That lofty subscription fee prices out most small- and medium-sized businesses.

Companies That Offer Exit Intent Technology as Their Primary Feature

The companies in this category differ from full-service companies in that they require you to create your own campaign. Using tools and templates provided by the servicer, you are responsible for all slogans, images, and marketing strategies. This difference is what makes these services significantly cheaper. Based on website traffic, these services can range anywhere from $20 per month to $1000. Many of these companies also offer an “Enterprise” option for large businesses; these agreements are typically negotiated separately from normal pay scales.

MaxTraffic is noteworthy for its intuitive campaign creation platform, outstanding customer support, and useful analytics. MaxTraffic subscribers are able to create an unlimited number of campaigns, using A/B testing and geographic targeting to enhance the productivity of their efforts. Pricing is dramatically reduced from full-service companies and your cost is commensurate with your amount of web traffic; small businesses can use the service for as little as $139 per month.

MaxTraffic allows for unlimited campaigns at a reasonable price

PadiAct is unique because its technology focuses entirely on capturing information for email targeting. (Other companies like MaxTraffic, OptiMonk, and Granify allow users to create campaigns for information capture in addition to other sales techniques.) As the scope of its services are limited, the price is also comparatively lower: as little as $25 per month for basic services.

PadiAct offers flexible, affordable services for a monthly fee
PadiAct offers flexible, affordable services for a monthly fee

Companies That Include Exit Intent as One of Their Features

The companies in this category offer a wide variety of services; Exit Intent technology is only one of the included options. Some focus on email retargeting, while others allow users to operate surveys and competitions in addition to more typical conversion strategies. While they are able to offer more tailored solutions for creative companies, they often lack the targeted support offered by servicers that focus exclusively on Exit Intent technology.

In addition to Exit Intent technology, Gleam provides opportunities for users to run competitions, offer rewards, and capture contact information for email retargeting. You can try the service for free; you will be charged if your business grows past a certain benchmark.

Just a few of the services offered by Gleam
Just a few of the services offered by Gleam

Companies That Offer Exit Intent as a Plug-In

If you run your e-commerce company exclusively through an external vendor like Shopify, Magento, or WordPress, you may find it advantageous to use one of these services. They are built exclusively for shopping platforms and their prices are able to be added to the cost of the platform. (NOTE: Many of the companies listed in previous categories can be integrated with shopping platforms.)

Built exclusively for WordPress users, Thrive Leads helps users build their email lists for retargeting and ongoing marketing campaigns. Their users have boasted increases in conversions of up to 238%. This service can be added to your WordPress site for $67 ($97 for multiple sites.)

The Complete List of Exit Intent Resources:

Full-Service, All-Inclusive Platforms:

1. Yieldify (www.yieldify.com)

2. Bounce Exchange (bounceexchange.com)

3. Exit Intel (www.exitintel.com)

Exit Intent Platforms:

4. OptinMonster (optinmonster.com)

5. MaxTraffic (maxtraffic.com)

6. PicReel (picreel.com)

7. OptiMonk (optimonk.com)

8. ExitIntent (www.exitintent.io)

9. Rooster (getrooster.com)

10. OptKit (optkit.com)

11. Exit Monitor (exitmonitor.com)

12. Granify (granify.com)

13. Akanoo (akanoo.com)

14. UberExit (uberexit.com)

15. CartAbandon (cartabandon.com)

16. CartRescuer (cartrescuer.com)

17. Action PopUp (actionpopup.com)

18. PadiAct (padiact.com)

Platforms That Offer Exit Intent and Additional Features:

19. Justuno (justuno.com)

20. SAP Hybris (hybris.com)

21. BounceBlock (bounceblock.com)

22. Hold on, Stranger! (holdonstranger.com)

23. PopUp Domination (popupdomination.com)

24. PriceWaiter (pricewaiter.com)

25. Exit Mist (exitmist.com)

26. Zoom Analytics (zoomanalytics.co)

27. 40Nuggets (40nuggets.com)

28. Exit Bee (exitbee.com)

29. Lead Liaison (leadliaison.com)

30. BounceFight (bouncefight.com)

31. Iverto (www.iverto.co)

32. LeadPages (www.leadpages.net)

33. LeadOutcome (leadoutcome.com)

34. Unbounce (unbounce.com)

35. Ve Interactive (veinteractive.com)

36. AbandonAid (abandonaid.com)

37. CartStack (cartstack.com)

38. Rejoiner (rejoiner.com)

39. UpSellit (upsellit.com)

40. Conversions Box (conversionsbox.com)

41. WebEngage (www.webengage.com)

42. Bronto (bronto.com)

43. AddShoppers (addshoppers.com)

44. SaleCycle (salecycle.com)

45. HelloBar (hellobar.com)

46. RapidEngage (rapidengage.com)

47. Evergage (evergage.com)

48. BrainSINS (brainsins.com)

49. Gleam (gleam.io)

50. Sleeknote (sleeknote.com)

51. Agile CRM (agilecrm.com)

52. Beeketing (beeketing.com)

53. Team Sales Agent (teamsalesagent.com)

54. Connecto (connecto.io)

55. Privy (privy.com)

56 .Atipso (atipso.com)

57. Feedback Lite (feedbacklite.com)

58. Dynamic Yield (dynamicyield.com)

59. ContactUs (contactus.com)

60. Triggerbee (triggerbee.com)

61. Bubblebox (bubbleboxconvert.com)

62. IQ (www.cloud-iq.com)

63. Conversions On Demand (conversionsondemand.com)

64. Listrak (listrak.com)

65. Fresh Relevance (freshrelevance.com)

66. MailChimp (mailchimp.com)

67. GetSiteControl (getsitecontrol.com)

68. SumoMe (sumome.com)

69. Hotjar (hotjar.com)

70. Sleeknote (sleeknote.com)

71. Marketizator (marketizator.com)

72. MailMunch (mailmunch.co)

73. EarnCoupon (earncoupon.com)

74. Vbout (vbout.com)

75. CrunchBase (crunchbase.com)

76. King Kong (kingkong.com.au)

77. ExactTarget (exacttarget.com)

78. Intenso (getintenso.com)

79. Pagewiz (pagewiz.com)

80. Optin Architect (optinarchitect.com)

81. Rocketshp (rocketshp.com)

82. Barilliance (barilliance.com)

83. Wishpond (wishpond.com)

84. Reel (reellabs.com)

85. ps (www.popu.ps)

86. UsabilityTools (usabilitytools.com)

87. Survicate (survicate.com)

88. Insitez (www.informizely.com)

Exit Intent Plug-Ins:

89. PopUpAlly PRO (www.ambitionally.com/popupally-pro/)

90. Optin Skin (optinskin.com)

91. Bloom (eleganthemes.com)

92. Ninja Popups for WordPress (http://codecanyon.net/item/ninja-popups-for-wordpress/3476479)

93. Thrive Leads (thrivethemes.com/leads)

94. Ouibounce (https://github.com/carlsednaoui/ouibounce)

95. WP MU DEV (https://premium.wpmudev.org/)

96. Beeker (beeker.io)

97. Exit Intent Pop-Up PRO (https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/exit-intent-popup-pro.html)

98. VE Capture (veinteractive.com)

99. ManyContacts (manycontacts.com)

100. Exit Pop (https://www.storeya.com/public/exitpop)

100 Tools That Offer Exit Intent Technology

Three Reasons Why Mobile Conversion Rates Are So Low

Conversion rates are, in general, a rough business. With customers flitting between several sites at a time, it’s difficult to hold anyone’s attention. Online retailers are lucky if they’re able to convert even 2% of their visitors into customers.

The numbers become even direr when you look at the statistics for mobile users. According to the Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly, global conversion rates for mobile customers were consistently lower than 1%. While some businesses may look at these numbers with hopelessness, there is reason to believe that things might be looking up. Here are three reasons why mobile conversion rates are so low, and how you might overcome the difficulties.


As we’ve covered in several other posts, online retailers are severely handicapping their mobile sales by failing to optimize their sites for smartphones and tablets. Online stores that have been designed for desktop computers become unwieldy when crammed into a tiny screen, making it difficult to browse and buy products.

Thankfully for online retailers, this issue is easy to overcome. Web designers are experienced now in creating mobile versions of sites that are tailored specifically towards increasing sales. Additionally, Exit Intent pop-ups can be optimized for mobile devices, giving you a second chance at converting your customers.


Consider all of the different environments in which a person might be browsing on their cell phone or tablet. People use their smartphones now while at work, walking around town, on public transportation, and during down time at restaurants and cafes. Mobile devices are designed to be convenient for all times and locations, but this convenience doesn’t translate to online shopping. Many mobile users are reluctant to make a purchase online because it requires them to take out their credit card and enter in their information while in a public location. It’s just not as convenient as making a purchase on a laptop or home computer.

There is a way to overcome this challenge with your company’s repeat customers. Some online retailers prompt their customers to make an account with the store before their first purchase; this way, the site is able to keep the customer’s shipping and billing information in a database. The next time the customer comes around, they won’t need to go through the hassle of entering in all of that data. This is an ingenious way of encouraging repeat business; by making the next purchase as convenient as possible, you’ve set yourself up to capture that customer’s business again even if they’re browsing on a mobile device. Best of all, you can keep track of the success of this strategy with a good analytics program.


The last issue that online retailers have to contend with when it comes to mobile shopping is the typical behavior of mobile customers. Even with desktop users, it’s difficult to hold someone’s attention for longer than a couple minutes at most. The bounce rate of mobile users is even higher, as they tend to bounce back and forth between several sites and search engines, looking for something to briefly hold their attention.

Exit Intent pop-ups are the perfect solution for convincing mobile users to stick around and browse your site. Companies like MaxTraffic have created Exit Intent overlays that are specially designed to deal with mobile behavior; MaxTraffic’s BounceBack technology has been a topic of some of our other posts. Putting a persuasive message in front of the mobile user at the moment they’re about to leave is a great way to hold their attention and compel them to continue shopping. Give it a shot and watch how your bounce rate drops dramatically.

Three Reasons Why Mobile Conversion Rates Are So Low

This Company in Lithuania Increased Their Conversion Rate By 17.5%!

We’ve talked all about the value of exit-intent technology and the various ways it can be employed successfully. Custom campaign creation, visitor segmenting, and data tracking tools are all essential for your efforts to increase overall sales. However, today we’re going to look at one company that’s experiencing an unbelievable increase in their conversion rate.

Who Are They: The company is Pirktukas, a European clothing brand that sells high-end products for men and women at competitive prices. They pride themselves on offering a variety of styles to appeal to their different customers. Since they regularly discount items and offer special deals, they are a perfect fit for exit-intent pop-ups.

Where Are They From: Pirktukas is based in Lithuania, a small but mighty hub for e-commerce and technical innovation. It’s no wonder that they were open to the idea of exit-intent technology.

How Are They Doing It?: Pirktukas employs a particularly effective type of exit-intent ad. Rather than just offering 5% off, the ad includes a timer that counts down from 20 minutes. This puts pressure on the customer to make a purchase fast before losing the discount.


This type of exit-intent pop-up encourages the shopper to act quickly without considering the usual consequences. The timer is easy to add to a campaign and can be adjusted for more or less time.

The results speak for themselves: since employing these exit-intent ads, Pirktukas has seen an increase of 17.5% in their conversion rate. For a company of their size,t hat’s an extra 60 sales every month!

Who Provides Their Solution?: The best part about Pirktukas’ solution? It’s completely affordable as it is provided by MaxTraffic. Their subscription rates are based on overall traffic, with the most expensive package coming in at $699 per month. That’s a fraction of what other platforms like BounceExchange and similar companies charge.

MaxTraffic is known in the exit-intent industry for its intuitive dashboard for campaign creation and its innovative BounceBack technology for mobile devices. More information can be found at their site: www.maxtraffic.com.

This Company in Lithuania Increased Their Conversion Rate By 17.5%!