Luxury Markets: The Next Target for Exit Intent Technology

In recent analysis of online shopping, many industry experts have discussed the growing possibility of the expansion of several luxury markets. World-renowned brands like Chanel are planning their initial entries into online retail, finally eschewing the thought that some high-end brands are not suited for online shopping.

So what does this news mean for the world of online shopping and for industries like Exit Intent technology?


Luxury Brands Will Require Special Marketing Strategies

By virtue of the products they sell and their methods of branding, luxury items like perfume, clothing, and high-end alcohols and tobaccos will need to employ special marketing techniques to match the stature of their brands. Luxury industries are predicated on the idea that their value comes from high quality materials and a feeling of exclusivity.

As brands like Chanel, Dior, and Hermes transition to online retail, they’ll need to create sites that fit with the elite images of their companies. This is not an area for cutting corners; a substantial investment in advertising and web design will pay huge dividends if these companies are able to convert their loyal client base into online customers.


Exit Intent Companies Should Plan Accordingly

Companies in the Exit Intent business like MaxTraffic and Yieldify will have to plan accordingly in response to this industry shift. Like their wealthy customers, luxury brands are accustomed to comprehensive, quality service from their business partners. Exit Intent companies courting luxury brands for their business will have to demonstrate how their services fit within an overall image of exclusivity.

One way for Exit Intent companies to stand out as they fight for business is to present themselves as an “e-commerce concierge” service. Their team of experts can help guide these companies into the uncharted waters of online commerce, with a dedicated employee fielding questions and crafting a beautiful, well-research Exit Intent campaign.

An Exit Intent overlay designed for a company like Grey Goose should maintain the company’s sophisticated demeanor. A pop-up with a message like “Did You Know We Offer Free Shipping?” is out of character for a self-assured luxury brand; you’d be better off with a slick graphic that touts the brand’s class and quality: “The world’s top CEOs are drinking Grey Goose. What’s stopping you from joining the club?”


All Industries Have the Same Goal

At the end of the day, every brand from Tiffany down to Target has one goal in mind: increasing profits. If you can convince a company that your Exit Intent pop-ups will increase overall sales, you’re well on your way to securing a new client.

In the dynamic world of online shopping, Exit Intent providers must constantly adapt and re-adapt to changes in the industry. Keep your eyes on the prize: regardless of product, background, or branding, you must show the client how your service will bring value to their company. Success is success, no matter who’s enjoying it.

Luxury Markets: The Next Target for Exit Intent Technology